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Two defenders over read line

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    Say the ball is at the top of the key. The defenders one pass away on each side of the ball are both playing over the read line. Are both offensive players making basket cuts?


    Coach Ralph

    Yes, absolutely, no thinking, no additional rules. I think that you are concerned about the read line cutters meeting at the basket simultaneously and somehow messing up spacing. Do not worry about this. Rarely, if ever, will both cutters get there at the same time. Think of all the variables involved. Will the cutters cut at the exact same time? Are they equal in quickness? Will they cut with the same aggression? Will their defenders be equally out of position, or will one reach out and try and slow a cutter?
    If a one- in- a -million occurrence happens and the cutters arrive at the basket at the same time and a turnover occurs, you should do two things. First, rejoice, because this is evidence that your players are learning the system, and able to execute one of the most difficult to teach actions in the R&R. Ignore the turnover, focus on the rule, not the exception. During the next practice during film review, CONGRADULATE THE CUTTERS!
    Second, buy a lottery ticket, because this type of good fortune doesn’t come around very often, and you are hot!


    Coach Rick

    The short answer is “yes”. This creates a lot of space for the ballhandler to DRAFT DRIVE behind either cutter. The long answer is: As your players gain experience, they will realize that the ballhandler can usually only see one of the cutters at a time. That’s the one who should cut. In other words, cut when the ball can see you and be delivered to you. However, I only say that to very experienced teams.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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