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    Hello Coaches,

    I’m coaching 8th & 9th grade girls, I actually only have one 8th grader and her ball handling is the topic. She’s only played basketball for a little over a year but her upside is tremendous. She’s learned to dribble with her left or right hand and she can drive either way. The issue is she stands straight-up in games.

    Her abilities are better than most of our older girls but she isn’t confident because of the lack of experience. Her weakest area is dribbling, in game she stands straight up and down. She practices correctly and has no problem with ankle and waist high dribbles while in an athletic position, but during games she reverts to stand straight up.

    Physically she’s long and lean(5’7″ 105 lbs.), so I understand the tendency to stand straight up but I haven’t figured out how to keep her dribbling low during games. Her mental tenacity needs work(8th grader) and I have to be careful not to have her shut me out(so I’d only correct her in practice as it throws her off her game) as she gets down on herself quickly.

    For instance, in one on one she can get by her man without a problem, it’s when there’s traffic and the defense gets lower. I’ve emphasized getting lower when there is traffic around her all season but she continues to pop-up and the ball get stolen.


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