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    Marietta Boyce

    Liking the R & R with all the player and ball movement. However we have 2 big post players (and 3 littles), so I’d like to do more high low within the R & R. I like the Nail/Flank movement, but don’t necessarily want my “littles” in that area. I viewed the High/Low within the 3 out format, and would like more information vs. a zone. Our “bigs” is our strength, so how do we blend the movement while maintaining the High/Low threat?
    Coach M


    Coach Rick

    When you play 2 Bigs inside, one in Flank and one at the Nail, there is no room for additional cutters in the lane. You simply cannot get the player movement that usually comes with Read & React. You can still get ball movement. And you can still screen the zone. And you can get pretty good player movement from the 2 players inside (although they are only moving from one interior spot to another, i.e., not inside and outside). This may be enough for you to be successful.

    The 3 on the perimeter can set Cross-Key Pin Screens for each other. And when they feed the Flank or Nail, they can still cut to basket as a SECOND cutter (after the other Big goes for the Nail or Flank scoring opp. But when they pass to each other on the perimeter, there’s no where for them to go. Passing and not cutting will violate the habit of Layer 1, but maybe your players can turn it on and off between Player-to-Player and Zone defenses.

    This becomes more of a traditional 3 OUT 2 IN Zone offense and not really the Read & React. (However, the Nail & Flank and Pin & Skip are certainly Read & React actions). If this is your best chance at success, then you have to do what’s best for your team.

    PS: There’s another way to play 3 OUT 2 IN. Put both bigs in both Flanks and let the perimeter players only cut to the Nail and then fill out. Pin Screens can be set by both Bigs: Double Baby Pins when the ball is up top. And Classic Pin & Skips (from the weakside big) when the ball is on the wing. I show this a little bit in Zone Attack Boot Camp.


    Marietta Boyce

    Thank you for your response. Another question….in your opinion what is the best way to defend the dribble drive offense?

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